Women and money: how to retire comfortably

Women saving money

  • earning less
  • working fewer years (at least if you take time off for having a family)
  • living longer
  • making conservative investment choices

How a woman chooses to invest:

The gender of money

  • Women blog about being thrifty & frugal
  • Men blog about investing and growing their wealth

Biases against women

The small differences that make a difference

  • A woman will often have a separate credit card she hasn’t told her husband about.
  • A man will be more likely to have separate savings account he hasn’t told his wife about.

Women, family responsibilities and retirement:

What will you do with this information?

  • What plans will you begin to make and implement for your future?
  • How will you begin to look at the numbers, check out investment possibilities, get a retirement planner or adviser?
  • Will you make sure that all your documents are in order — either for yourself or with a spouse?



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Beth Gray

Beth Gray


blogger, coach, and international law consultant. Writing about faith, growth, transformation & change.