The value of making time for what is important

  • What situation(s) give rise to these feelings?
  • What needs or desires have you overlooked or ignored?
  • Which values did you stomp over?
  • What do you say you value, and what do you feel you value?
  • Do your emotions and feelings match what you think, do and say?

State management is about putting those emotions to work for you.

Social awareness: you’ll notice when others have inner conflict

Relationship management: make time for the relationships you value

  • Do your relationships and the people in your life (family, friends and work) uphold your values?
  • Are you constantly making concessions that leave you feeling inauthentic?
  • Can you have authentic conversations with the people in your life about the things that truly matter?
  • Are you willing to listen to what they love and hold essential?



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Beth Gray

Beth Gray


blogger, coach, and international law consultant. Writing about faith, growth, transformation & change.