A life you love: building a satisficing lifestyle


How do we make decisions using this concept of satisficing?


What criteria should we use?

  1. The outcome must align with my client’s values;
  2. The client needs to reach a place of inner alignment — between their head (thoughts, planning & analysis), heart (desires, emotions, relationships and what is truly important to them), and gut (boundaries, safety and security, identity and motivation or movement).

A values-based decision:

  • freedom — does this create financial freedom, emotional freedom, and excellent health to be more active and participate freely in life?
  • Wisdom — is this wise, especially in alignment with my inner wisdom?
  • Mastery — does this align with mastering myself and mastering the subjects that matter to me? Am I learning and growing? Does it challenge me to expand in the direction I want to go?
  • Empowerment —does this choice empower me? Will I increase my reach to empower others?
  • Laughter — does this bring me joy and laughter? Are the people involved “my kind of people”? Will I find light moments and laugh with them? Will this stress out too much and suck the joy out of my life?

Inner alignment: head, heart & gut

  • What are my wants and desires about this as I take my values into account?
  • What’s important to me that I want to hold in my heart through this decision-making process?
  • What emotions or feelings am I noticing and aware of?
  • How might this impact my relationships? When I am genuinely compassionate — to myself and others — what do I want to create in my relationships and myself?
  • What are the various perspectives that I can look at this decision-making process from? What point of view have I overlooked or failed to consider that might hold more insight? Whose opinion should I ask that might challenge how I look at this?
  • Thinking, analysis and planning: using both right-brain and left-brain thinking — how do I want to approach this?
  • Making meaning: what does this mean for me? When I listen to my heart, what additional purpose does it have?
  • How can I be more creative in thinking outside the box and coming up with more options that align with my values and what I want?
  • Identity — Is this who I am? Can I expand and grow into a more extensive and more lavish version of myself with this choice? Or is there an instinctual gut reaction that “this is not who I am”?
  • Safety & Security — Do I feel safe making this decision? Does my gut respond with “this is too risky, and I’m not comfortable”? What boundaries of self or not-self do I need to explore (expanding my comfort zone) or respect?
  • Can I find the courage and motivation to move forward on this?

A life I love:




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Beth Gray

Beth Gray


blogger, coach, and international law consultant. Writing about faith, growth, transformation & change.